To serve the thousands of under serve Ethnic Community in the MN. Metro Area by creating a Multi-Culture Radio Station that informs, inspires, educates, and for sure, entertains through the use of radio and internet.

We can achieve this through a total commitment of producing and broadcasting up to the minute news, lives shows, entertainment, and educational programming from local, national, and international  whom called the MN Metro Area home.

The past four years, hundred of local, national, international, education institution, religious organization, political leader, and governmental agency have come to our radio station to distribute their relevant messages to the Ethnic  Community.

It is of special important to not only the Ethnic Community but also to business, education institution, and governmental agency to distribute relevant information to the Ethnic Community. Our radio station believes that the difficulty of getting relevant information out to the Ethnic Community has been a challenge that must be overcome. Our goal is to reach the Ethnic Community in the MN Metro Area and around the world in their car, their home, and their office by radio and internet.

The Ethnic Population in the MN. Metro Area  will continue to growth and their economic base will keep on expanding. We are your single-source communication channel to the fast growing ethnic market of powerful purchaser from retail products to business services. Some of the Ethnic Community we broadcast to are:  Hmong, Cambodian, Laotian, Somali, Vietnamese, Chinese, Karen, and others when is available.

Summary: We are unique, one of a kind radio station designed to serve the diverse community,  all kind, all size corporations, and organizations in the MN. Metro Area. We are created to be a radio station where everyone benefits.  We are a place where the Ethnic Community can tune in for news, education, relevant information, and sure, for entertainment.

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